WaterStone Classic Equestrian Wedding

You'll see above that I might be trying to get you into the Christmas spirit....So hit play, grab a hot chocolate, and let the scrolling begin!

Okay I have so much love for Brandon and Katie, if I didn't live so far away I think i'd show up on their doorstep frequently unannounced, with a bottle of wine and a board game, forcing them to be friends with me! I think the feeling is mutual. I rode with Katie in University and so when she and Brandon hired me to photograph their wedding at WaterStone Estates, I was so excited, especially when I found out Katie's beautiful horse was going to be making an appearance. WaterStone holds many sentimental memories for me, in grade school I frequented the Toronto North York Hunt Club who's home was WaterStone, held an OUEA horse show at WaterStone, and so needless to say I love the property! Everything about Brandon and Katie's day was just classic to me, from Katie's dress, to the venue, right up to the their first dance. I also just have to say that Brandon hands down makes the BEST facial expressions ever! From seeing his bride for the first time, to just giving us a blue steel, he has one of the greatest smiles ever! I wish I could post 100s of photos but for now you'll have to just take a look at some of my favourites from the day!

M/U: Nadia Monaco
HAIR: La Belle Hair Salon
 DRESS: Paloma Blanca
CAKE: Nutmeg Bakeshop
VENUE: WaterStone Estates
PLANNER: Cake and Champagne Events
LIVE BAND: Southbound Soul and Steel River Duo