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We are so glad that you have found us!
We know that choosing the right photographer is like shoe shopping. Shopping on-line for shoes based on your size and the colour you want can be hit or miss. But we both know when you go into the store, try them on, walk around and get a feel, the purchase is a no-brainer. So this is your time to shop and see if we are the perfect fit.

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We are often complimented by our couples that they felt so comfortable and at ease in front of the camera during their wedding. We offer direction and guidance, but also like to have the events of the day unfold in front our cameras.


We are finally offering video, both wedding and engagement videos as well as lifestyle videos for bloggers and entrepreneurs. If you are interested in adding video to your wedding package let us know in the contact form.

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We have captured many entrepreneurs, families, couples, newborns and seniors in a lifestyle setting. We love natural light, and capturing your life moments in a space that you're comfortable in, whether that's your home or a favourite spot.