Sherwood Park Engagement Session

Sometimes we meet a couple and think, 'how have we not been friends our whole life?' To be honest this usually ends up being the majority of our clients, and for Aaron and Rachael it was the case as well. Personally I feel like we instantly got along, i'm hoping as they read this they're like 'yah us too!' If not this post could be awkward... Anyways...We met at Sherwood Park on a day that felt like 100 degrees out, and spent several hours exploring the park, laughing, speaking in a 1950s older man voice and standing in a stream, it was amaze to say the least. I cannot wait until their wedding this summer because if their engagement shoot was any indication of how much fun these two have together their wedding is going to be an absolute blast! Also shout out to Aaron, who was clearly stung/attacked by some giant weed that made his leg sting, but he just casually stood in a stream holding his lady! Finally be sure to scroll to the end as Aaron and Rachael give you a glimpse into their secret handshake #couplegoals