Stirling Wedding

Adam and Ellenna where do I even begin? Sometimes you meet people and you just click, well that's what it was like with Adam and Ellenna. Adam had me in stitches with his wild Jim Carreyesque facial expressions and Ellenna's tender heart reminded me of someone I had known for years. The day was so warm but these two were as cool as cucumbers.

Ellenna comes from quite a large family so photographing her getting ready was so full of life and energy, children, kittens, dogs and people! The Paiva home is something right out of a Hallmark movie, with horses in the front yard, a box of kittens and the most lovely mom and dad. Ellenna is 1 of 11 children, so you can imagine it was a full house!

Ellenna got all her bridesmaids matching PJs and aside from it being a million degrees outside they stood first in their flannels and had so much fun helping each other get ready. When it came time for Ellenna to show off her beautiful gown to her girls their reaction was more than a photographer could hope for, but my favourite is her younger brother popping his head in to see the bride!

Then it came time for the reveal between Ellenna and her dad. Father daughter reveals are some of my most favourite images over the years. 

The bride and groom chose a church for their ceremony which was a brand new build and it was finished just in time for the wedding. We were greeted with one of our most favourite signs, a sign asking guests to just enjoy the wedding and keep their smart devices away. I love this idea, I can't tell you how many images have been wrecked because of giant iPad reaching out into the aisle. I think technology can often stop guests from just being in the moment that's happening right in front of them, so needless to say I was very grateful for Ellenna's sign. True to their socks that they wore, the Groom and Groomsmen entered the church to the iconic Darth Vader theme which brought much laughter and ease before the ceremony began. 

Just had to show you Ellenna and her siblings such a beautiful photo of friendship, and of course no wonder Adam is full of humour, his family photo pretty much shows the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

We arrived at the reception hall and hid in some shade and played with some symmetry and made some great bridal party portraits. However when Taylor Swift is pumping from my tiny acorn speaker it can be very hard to stay still (evidence below).

When it came time for the portraits of Adam and Ellenna we were hot, sweaty and the bugs were quite annoying, but you wouldn't know because these two just have so much fun with each other they just make our jobs easy because they love just being together. 

All the details that Ellenna and her family and friends put into the wedding from start to finish was so evident. From the beautiful head table back drop made by Ellenna's father, to the custom signs and table decor, every inch of the reception hall had a personal touch.