Uxbridge Vintage Train Engagement

Well it's about time I get some photos up here on the blog!It's been a busy few months, and I can't wait to show off some incredible shoots. The first is Frank and Rhiannon. Their photoshoot took place at the York Durham Heritage Railway in Uxbridge, Ontario. I met Rhiannon almost five years ago (I think), when the two of us went on a trip together to work for Pathway Camp Ministries and run a day camp at Beren's River First Nations Reserve in Northern Manitoba. Our quirky

Rhiannon's best friend was attending college across the country when she met Frank. She called Rhiannon and stated simply, "I met your husband." Who knew, a couple of years later, the two would be getting married!

They connected online and began a friendship that quickly became more when they finally met six months later. The distance and time apart couldn't keep them away from one another. They have spent these two years traveling back and forth, and living in each others provinces for months at a time. They are tying the knot this summer, and relocating across the country, to where they first met!

Rhiannon's dress and Frank's tie are from Modcloth and as i'm sure you'll see their wedding is travel themed!