Estates of Sunnybrook Wedding

I wanted to be famous when I graduated high school, this led me to journalism school. After a short stunt working at a few television stations behind the scenes I went back to school and thought maybe I wanted to be famous, but the one behind the scenes, so I went to film school. I won't give you my entire educational background don't worry. On my first film I worked with a man named Kyle Bruce. Kyle was probably one of the most genuine and kind men I had ever met in school. Fast forward many years later and I was overjoyed when Kyle and Bridget asked us to photograph their wedding. 

I don't even know how to blog this wedding in a way that will give honour and homage to the incredible detail that went into this beautiful day. Lawn games for guests waiting between the ceremony and the reception with cute chalkboards made for some great laughs, and challenges between the wedding party. Bridget sewed in a sweet sentiment into Kyle's jacket without him noticing until half way through the wedding. The favours were test tubes full of loose leaf tea, the centrepieces had old books, tea pots and little acorns and the seating chart was a periodic table...Seriously! I might as well let you see it for yourself.