Backyard Wedding Country Wedding Video

Capturing a friend say 'I do' is a privilege and an absolute joy. When I first moved to Kingston I met Katie and instantly we connected. She's genuine, a beautiful women of God and extremely fun to be around. Watching Josh and Katie's love story unfold was so fun and so when I had the opportunity to capture her day through video I knew I'd love every moment of it. 

One of my favourite things about Katie's day was that is rained during her ceremony. I know what you're thinking "How is that your favourite thing?" Well I guess it was more the response of Josh and Katie then the rain itself. You see I think a tornado could have blown in and the couple wouldn't have even noticed. They were so present in the moment that no weather system would take away from that.

Isn't that what a wedding is. A moment that we are to be present in, enjoy, and cherish.