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I am Allicia, and I am the face behind Alabaster Jar Photography. I am super awkward when people take my picture and I always put my hands together like i'm singing in a choir (I have 3 consecutive years of headshots to prove it). I cry at every wedding I photograph (proof in the photograph on the left). I believe in being hands on, this means I will help you with your dress, curl your hair, re-pierce your ears (actually happened), put in your hair extensions or pray for you when the day feels overwhelming. I recognize that I am invited to share in one of your biggest life moments, and I don't take that lightly. I count it a privilege to be your photographer, and that means I will do what it takes to help your day go smooth. 

Factoids and Tidbits

I love Jesus. My photography business would not exist if it weren't for Him. I believe in Jane Austen romances, and have watched Pride and Prejudice too many times to count. I love cheesy romance movies, and can quote the majority of Sister Act 2. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is one of my favourite movies. Sometimes I stay up until 4am if i'm engrossed in a good book. I do silly voices and make dolphin noises, which means I can make pretty much anyone look into my camera, including but not limited to toddlers, seniors and animals. I am exactly five feet tall. love to travel and have had the privilege of shooting both video and photography in Ireland, Italy, France, Switzerland, Scotland, England, Hungary, Malaysia, Austria and The USA. One of my favourite places to visit is Disney World, and I have two pairs of Minnie ears that I sometimes wear while working. I am joyful, fun and promise to not only be your photographer but your friend.

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